Rent the Entire Villa



Villa Corona Del Mar makes the perfect setting for families to have their own villa without having to sacrifice comfort or security. When your family rents the entire villa it is for your family and invited guests only. No one else will be occupying the villa during your stay.


Why pay more for renting a room or bungalow in Rincon de Guayabitos on an individual basis when you can rent one of the largest private villas in Rincon de Guayabitos,Mexico?If you’re already shopping for the ideal family vacation for your holiday than take a look at Villa Corona del Mar as a lodging alternative with ideal accomodations equal to hotels in Guayabitos.Our rooms,suites and bungalows offer an intimate and secure option to pricey hotels or bungalows in Puerto Vallarta or in Rincon de Guayabitos.


You can feel safe letting your children and loved ones can roam the villa grounds knowing that Villa Corona del Mar is a completely self-enclosed, gated and secured family compound.


While many villas advertised for rent in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas are beautiful. many times the Villa is located up in the hills or do not provide direct access to the beach…just 20 steps away puts you on the beautiful family friendly beach of Rincon de Guayabitos with gentle waves and sandy bottom. No rocks or Coral.


Do the math! If 18-20 people were booking at a large hotel in Puerto Vallarta for a week their cost per person would probably substantially increase with hidden taxes, pricey service and meal charges. At Villa Corona del Mar breakfast is already included and additional meals, served family-style can be provided depending on your needs.


Do you have group that is restless and hungry for adventure? Does the other half of your group just want to relax? Villa Corona del Mar is big enough that everybody has room to do what they want. Be as active or carefree as you want! Rincon de Guayabitos has plenty of activities to keep you busy or, book a massage at the Villa and do´s up to you.

At-a-Glance Profile of Villa Amenities/Capabilities

$1800.00 U.S.

$11,900 U.S.

December 20th 2014 to January 3rd 2015
$14,000.00 U.S.

Sleeps comfortably: 18 or 20 persons
Pools: 2
Children’s Pool: 1
Restaurant Seating: 50
Outdoor Seating: 75
Bar: Yes
Conference Room Seating 10
Massage Room: Yes, Upon Request
Full Breakfast: Yes
Chef Available: Upon Request
Meal Service: Upon Request
Tennis Court: Yes
Satellite Television: Yes
Fax Yes
Wireless Internet: Yes

50% deposit to Reserve. Remaining balance payable in cash upon arrival.
When looking for lodging or accomodations in Jaltemba Bay, keep in mind there are three towns,Los Ayala, La Penita de Jaltemba and Guayabitos all within five minutes of each other. While there are a wide selections of hotels and bungalows in Los Ayala and La Penita, the most popular town for vacations has been Guayabitos for it’s family friendly beach, infrastructure and wide selection of restaurants. With the Puerto Vallarta airport only 75 minutes away, many travelers are seeking less commercial tourist destinations other than Bucerias or Nuevo Vallarta to spend their vacations.

Weddings and Receptions in Rincon de Guayabitos

Villa Corona del Mar operates as a Bed and Breakfast in Rincon de Guayabitos, it is a small inn that has the exclusivity of a hotel but the intimacy of a Bed and Breakfast. When not operating as a Bed and Breakfast, the Villa has hosted many beautiful weddings as well as wedding receptions, honeymoons and anniversaries.Please visit our weddings page to find out more information.

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